Why do women have more migraines than men ?


Your head is pounding with a pulsating headache. You feel nauseous, and you may even vomit. Light and sound are unbearable. In fact, any little noise or ray of light creates blinding pain and sends you back to bed to hide away in a dark room where you just want to be left alone. The pain is extremely intense, and it can go on for hours or even days in some cases. Often it repeats itself — sometimes a week later, sometimes a month later. Sounds pretty miserable, doesn’t it?

These are the symptoms of a migraine, and if you’re a woman, you’re nearly three times more likely to have them than a man. According to the Mayo Clinic, 17 percent of women have migraine pain, while only 6 percent of men do. These statistics are the basis for the question — why do women have more migraines than men?

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